Top Benefits of Getting Featured on News Outlets

How marketing agencies use press releases has changed over time. While they were originally used primarily to build a reputation, gain control of a crisis, and gain media coverage, in the age of digital marketing they became very valuable in boosting SEO. 

Whether the goal is to raise a public profile, promote a product or service, or increase SEO, getting a press release or article featured in mainstream news outlets like ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS is powerful for any business. The advantages of this kind of exposure are tremendous, explains Lane Houk of Signal Genesys, a white label digital marketing platform.

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Advantages of Using SEO Services

For any digital marketing agency, PR is a clear path to achieving marketing success. Why? When using the right white-label digital marketing platform, the right exposure and generating the right signals offer many advantages. Here are just a few.

An Agency Can Choose What to Highlight

By using white label SEO services for agencies, a marketing company can choose what to highlight about their client company and drive interest exactly where they want it to land. The marketing agency has the opportunity to control the story and time exposure for when it is most meaningful to their client’s company and success.

It Provides Credibility

Having authoritative articles or press releases published on reputable news outlets provides instant credibility to any business. Potential clients see the content and give it more weight because of the publishing relationship of the news outlet. 

Establish Clients as an Authority

Since the publishing relationship provides more credibility, the marketing agency’s client is recognized as a subject authority. This encourages customers and other businesses to develop a trusted relationship when they need the client’s product or services. 

It Increases Brand Recognition

Another important reason for using a service that publishes in reputable news media outlets is that the client brand becomes linked to the media brand in the searcher’s mind. When the client’s company shows up in other places such as ads or blogs, the searcher is far more likely to remember and gravitate toward the familiar company. 

Using The Right Platform Can Substantially Increase SEO 

One of the most crucial elements of SEO is to generate follow links from high-ranking and authoritative websites. Google translates these as an endorsement of the client’s brand, which improves the website’s algorithm. 

When digital marketing agencies use Signal Genesys, the purpose of a press release is not just about landing coverage and gaining recognition but making that coverage exponentially more valuable by driving critical SEO signals back to the client site. 

What Makes Signal Genesys So Successful? 

Signal Genesys is a proprietary white-label SEO service for agencies that can help expedite the value of the PR publication process for enterprise-level apps like Media Rooms and Social Media Apps, and GMB signals. The proprietary Web Presence Platform and Online Signal Generation Engine were developed exclusively for digital marketing agencies and their clients. 

Signal Genesys utilizes unique and proprietary methods of generating GMB signals by pushing Google Map GMB listings through individual live API calls on live mainstream news outlets like ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS. This white label digital marketing platform produces better outcomes in map pack rankings. 

white label digital marketing

About Signal Genesys

After building a 7-figure marketing agency, the founders of Signal Genesys identified one of the most valuable components of digital marketing and determined to find a way to make it even more powerful. This led them to develop Signal Genesys, a white-label, agency-driven PR platform that would empower digital marketing agencies across the globe as an Online Signal Generation Engine™. Signal Genesys is unseen in the publishing process and its agency partners are the listed publishers of all content to the major media sites, and their client websites or other digital assets.

For more information about Signal Genesys or any of its white label digital solutions and marketing platform, visit the website at or call  (844) GO-BRAND (Graphics) or  (833) 747-0700.

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Signal Genesys is a proprietary Web Presence Platform and Online Signal Generation Engine™ developed exclusively for Digital Marketing Agencies and their clients.


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