Signal Genesys Discusses How it Overcomes the Problem of Authorship and Site Sourcing

The press release has been a digital marketer’s best friend for years. It is a staple part of most SEO strategies. However, some marketers have found that press release distribution has not garnered the same results as in the past. Lane Houk of Signal Genesys, a white label SEO software, identified the problem and developed a powerfully effective solution. 

When Google rolled out E-A-T, many of the same digital marketing experts started to see press releases negatively impacting their overall strategy. Google’s E-A-T, a series of data points which evaluates the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of a website and the related entity, assigns canonical authorship, or the “preferred version” of content in the process. Houk found that publishing content on news sites actually took away or reassigned canonical to the news site instead of the publisher and creator of the content. This not only defeated the process but also worked against SEO strategies. 


Top Ways to Make Press Releases Work in Your Favor

Signal Genesys is a white label digital marketing platform that helps digital marketing agencies regain and surpass the power that press and article release generation had prior to EAT. It does this by helping establish, retain, and manage client authorship using a proprietary site sourcing, content syndication, and signal generation process. 

Signal Genesys Site Sourcing Feature

Uniquely, all press releases and articles published on the Signal Genesys platform are instantly published on the client or source site in their Media Room prior to distribution. The software then pings Google Search Console to tag the source article as the original, preferred, and canonical on the client site. Then, the Signal Genesys software distributes the content to high-value media sites while properly and explicitly tagging the permalink URL on the target site as the original source. Signal Genesys then creates a permanent archive of each live pickup with a dynamic linking back to the source article. This allows the client to retain authorship and authority, which is critical for establishing EAT and driving traffic to the client site. 

On-Site Content Syndication

The Signal Genesys content syndication, Media Room app, and social wall work together to drive social traffic to the client’s site, instead of to the individual social sites. The software tool manages a client’s newsrooms and drives social traffic to the client’s website instead of the social platform. With it, clients do not need to be on the individual social platforms to access or engage with content, and the authorship credit goes to the client, not the social platform. 

Generating Strong Signals

The white label digital marketing platform multiplies the effectiveness of signal generation by using Google Maps signals, citation signals, schema markups, and site sourcing features within the content. It then distributes this supercharged content across highly authoritative news and media sites. Agencies can build a set of press releases in succession so Googlebot crawls each of the interlinked press releases to drive further authority. 

Why Agencies Prefer Signal Genesys

Agencies need a solution to fill the SEO gap and have found that the proprietary Web Presence Platform and Online Signal Generation Engine™ does that. Signal Genesys provides agency partners with the ability to publish client content to a high-quality network of major TV, Radio, and Newspaper authorities throughout the USA for lasting impact. It has a direct Google Maps API integration for Google Map displays of the client’s business listing and a proprietary media room app for one-click publishing and optimization of content on the client websites, making content even more powerful. 

Agencies can visit and visit the pricing and proof sub-domains to view video testimonials from clients, live media room, and social wall examples. For more information, email at [email protected] or call (833) 747-0700.

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Signal Genesys is a proprietary Web Presence Platform and Online Signal Generation Engine™ developed exclusively for Digital Marketing Agencies and their clients.


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